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Past & Present Projects

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Behavioural Consulting & Career Coaching

Worked with individuals to discover their behavioural tendencies using the DISC profiling tool to help them understand themselves better and how they can relate better to fellow colleagues. Journeyed with them using Knowdell Card Sorts to discover their Values & Motivated Skills that helped them in their career decision making process as well as managing their work responsibilities better.

Business Communication & Event Management: SATS Ltd

Created a teaser video to promote a business meeting using iMovie which received positive comments including from the company’s CEO. Project coordinated a business meeting of more than 400 middle to senior level staff. Launched an internal website and e-newsletter. Changed the writing style of top stories which received positive commendations from senior management. Successfully produced weekly top stories and technology-related articles. Proposal to utilise Canva and Microsoft Publisher to create digital communique and newsletters was readily accepted and implemented. Responsible to maintain and update internal website on Sharepoint.

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Digital Marketing: Isratrade Asia & Asiawide Franchise Consultants

Managed clients' social media platforms. Created revenue stream from website banner hosting. Project coordinating launch of new website.

Career Advisory: Workforce Singapore

Provided guidance to job seekers from various walks of life, financial status and management levels on writing a resume as well as the various  national programmes available to help them with their job search journey

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