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Julie shared with me a motivated skills exercise to help me rank what I would like to do as well as what I am competent at doing to identify what particular skill set areas I should focus on to determine which industries might be suitable for me. I found the exercise very helpful as it helps to give me more clarity in what I am pursuing. The results also is in line with what I would like to do and what I am competent in. She also shared with me on relevant channels to seek assistance from.

Grandville Ee
Teacher / Educator

Julie is an amazing coach. Empathetic and hugely insightful, all served with her special brand of humour. I am indebted to the understanding of self that she has brought about for me. I highly recommend her.

Radhika Savant-MohitCounselorMentcouch International Psychology Centre

Julie was very helpful and understanding towards my situation. She was very aware and knowledgeable regarding the current job market. it was very easy to communicate and share my situation with her.

Client, Careers Connect
Workforce Singapore

Julie was patient and great at listening, offering her thoughts but not over-asserting herself. I had a pleasant chat with her.

Client, Careers Connect
Workforce Singapore

Julie was also instrumental in the renewal of our signature work-life workshop - The Heart of Success. The refreshed workshop content and branding was successfully completed, launched and communicated to the various parties concerned. 

Lim Yu Ming
Executive Director
Focus on the Family Singapore

Julie was instrumental in developing the firm's good media relations between both the local and regional print and broadcast media and had consequently raised the profile of the firm.

Kwan Chee Wei
Asia Pacific Regional Director-Human Capital Group
Watson Wyatt Worldwide

Julie has excellent written and verbal communication skills. is highly organised, independent and follows through her assignment. 

As a strong written communicator, Julie has demonstrated the ability to articulate information in manners that are suited for the intended audience. Julie is also willing to take risks and will not hesitate to reach out to people and involve them in projects.

Sharon Yue
Assistant Vice President
Capital Group

Julie managed a variety of responsibilities including event planning, e-commerce website administration, marketing communications, social media, SEO, graphic editing, and as a financial/legal liaison.

Julie is a trustworthy, responsible and faithful employee that every employer would desire. She is organised, responsible, a quick learner, good communicator, energetic, creative, and pleasant to work with. Julie exemplified a high level of productivity and took initiative to do the above and beyond her assigned tasks.

Joseph Magen
Isratrade (Asia) Pte Ltd

Julie is a strong independent worker who is highly focused on the tasks assigned to her. She is good listener and strong communicator and has demonstrated high standards in her work. Her assertiveness in engaging with people internally & externally is an asset to protecting the interests of both the company and her clients.

Goh Yong Yong
Senior Partner
Capelle Consulting

She was trustworthy, dependable, capable and forthcoming with ideas and actions to improve processes. She played an important role in the run-up of the Conference by closing the gaps.

Ben K C Lee
Singapore Centre for
Evangelism & Missions

Julie is very dedicated and professional in handling all the tasks given to her. She's meticulous and she takes initiative whenever there's a need to do so. I have high regards for Julie.

Albert Kong
Asiawide Franchise Consultants 

Julie is a conscientious and dedicated Marketing Manager. Realistic and practical, she accepts challenging roles and is resourceful in making things happen.


Her strong logical and analytical appraoch provides a good and objective overview when there is a crisis. She is a loyal staff and makes sacrifices if the principle holds for her. Julie is equipped with a strong corporate acumen, learns fast and can work under pressure.

Regina Chua
Chief Agile Designer

Discipline Dynamics

As Julie functioned in the role of Office Manager we found her to be persevering, highly effective plus creative as she worked her way through some challenging office related projects and completed them.

I found Julie to be a self starter, an excellent communicator, dependable and confident.

David Yunker
NTM Asia

I have known Julie for several years and can attest to her strength of character and compassion for people. She is amazing as a leader - she brings out the best in a person.

Cheryl Yeo
Client Service Operations

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