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Roadmap to a career transition

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Mid-career switchers: When you’ve decided to transition to another career, use this roadmap suggested by The Wharton School to minimize disruptions as you move into a new position, field or job.

1. Identify Why You’re Having a Mid-Career Crisis: Before you quit your job and seek new positions, you should analyze why you’re having a mid-career crisis and unhappy in your current job.

2. Should You Change Jobs or Freelance Part-Time?: Seek out ways to take on new responsibilities at work or start a part-time gig on the side to build up your experience.

3. Get the Education You Need: Take a look at the job descriptions for positions you’re interested in. If you’re lacking in certain education, consider online courses to get up to speed.

4. Secure Your Finances: Make sure you have extra savings that can sustain you if you decide to leave your job and focus on finding a new career full-time.


If you’re having a mid-career crisis and are thinking about moving into a career that will pay less (which can be worth it, especially if it means you’ll be healthier and happier as a result), then you’ll want to Evaluate your current budget and spending if you are thinking of moving into a career that will pay less

5. Networking to Get the Most Out of Your Career Change: When you’ve decided to switch jobs, it’s important to reach out to your contacts and reconnect.

6. Update Your Resume: Even after you’ve landed your dream position, you should always make sure your resume is up-to-date.

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