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What does it take to make that switch?

Mid-career switchers: what does it take to make that switch?

Getting self-awareness is probably a good start:

🤔 Discovering what your personality or behaviour leaning is.

🤔 Discovering what your motivated skills are.

🤔 Discovering how your values correspond to your career aspirations.

🤔 And discovering what really drives you when making your decisions.

Trying different roles that correspond to what you found out could be the next step. In the case of 37-year old Prem Muniand, he started volunteering and 'found joy and meaning in serving the community' before considering making acreer-switch to become a social worker. I have a client who tried a different role within his organisation to find out if it corresponded with his career aspirations. He found that the role corresponded to his values but not his behavioural leaning.

As you take this journey of discovery, you may find that you lack certain skill sets and knowledge to make the switch. That's when you'll need to explore ways to reskill yourself.

When I speak with clients about exploring a career-switch, there is something I ask that clients usually take a longer time to ponder over.

What would drive them to make the decision and stay committed to the decision.

One client said she would make sacrifices to enter into a job that would give her the opportunity to learn new things and gain a greater understanding of a new area. Another said she is willing to compromise on the financial gain when making a career switch to be able to help others in the social service sector. Another client first said he was not driven by the financial prospect of making a career switch. After taking time to think deeper, he realised that he is driven by the financial aspect of a role.

If you're considering making a mid-career switch, spend time thinking about these questions. Consider using some tools to help you with your exploration journey. Talk to a career coach.

Be also aware of the jobs in demand. Take a look at job portals to find out if the job you're keen to switch to is in demand. You can also read the 2022 Skills Report published by SkillsFuture Singapore to find out more about skills demand for the future economy: |


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