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What does purpose mean to you?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

“Bringing the best, most authentic version of yourself to your life at every moment, presenting your unique gifts to the world so they can positively impact the people around you and, ultimately, the ecosystems you operate in.”

A few paragraphs from this article resonated with me, including the one above.

I believe when you combine your personality, strengths, values and passion, it ignites you to embark on your purpose in life or continue with your purpose in life.

Bettr Barista’s founder, Pamela Chng, said this too in the article:

“Recognise your unique gifts, skills and talents so you can align those with your values and use them to contribute to something larger than yourself. It doesn't have to be huge acts - even the smallest daily act, in the service of others, can be transformative.”

If you have about 10 minutes, read the article below.

Then think about what you would like to explore: motivated skills or strengths (what are your top 5), values (what are your top 5), passion, behavioural leanings.

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