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3 tips for job seekers

Job seekers: Did you just leave a job and started on a new journey?

Here are 3 tips on getting you on that journey or keeping you on it:

1. The past is the past: There is a saying that no one ever steps in the same river twice alluding to a belief that change is constant. Even if the situation (river) looks the same, you have changed. Others have changed. Experiences have changed us. It’s not the same river, and you are not the same person. Look forward to move forward, with a rear view mirror to see how far you have come and how much you have learnt to keep you moving forward.

Ask yourself: what small step can I take today to help me get to my desired career goal?

2. Quit walking in quicksand: Living in the past is like walking in quicksand - it obstructs your freedom to do what you need to do today to get you moving closer to your goals. Learn from your past experiences. Grow wiser from them. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting through them. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Ask yourself: What thoughts do I need to let go of today to free myself up to move a small step closer to reaching my career goals? What have I learnt from the experience that can help me in the future?

3. Invest time on intentional reflection: Intentionally reflect on your strengths and how they helped you in the past. Think about your past accomplishments. Write them down; they will come in handy in your resume, LinkedIn profile and interviews. Include stats. Reflect on the relationships you have developed, with colleagues, leaders, partners, vendors etc. How can all these impact your next move?

Ask yourself: How would I like to use my strengths, accomplishments and relationships to help me move a step closer to my career goals?

Further reflection:

  • Try to identify two or three things from your past job roles that seemed like a good idea at the time but ended up less than successful. What did you learn from them? What is your attitude toward those things? Do they trouble or embarrass you, or are you able to leave them behind?

  • Are you able to break down your life into different themes or seasons? What phrase or word describes each of these seasons? What could the name of your next season be?

  • Identify three or four experiences from your past that deserve to be treasured. What makes these experiences so valuable to you?

As you take the time and put in the effort into the above, what kind of support do you need to take a baby step forward towards achieving your career goals?

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