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A New Beginning

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

“In the week that followed, feelings of regret and inadequacy plagued him.”

Feelings even I have gone through in my career journey.

“But it turns out, it was the beginning of an unexpected journey – of learning to adapt to change, and discovering he was more resilient and versatile than he thought.”

And that is true for many of us, including me, who have gone through this journey before.

“I don’t believe in just staying home, moping and beating myself up. It was time to turn this obstacle into a new beginning.”

A good way to think in order to just START moving forward.

“He had only just picked up baking during the "circuit breaker", but he did not let inexperience stop from starting an online baking business with a partner…”

Hear how a former Singapore Airlines air steward turned to baking Basque burnt cheesecakes after retrenchment to tide him over but ended up raking in profits of around S$2K-3K a month after three months.

Watch his story featured on Channel News Asia here.

Or read the CNA Insider story here.


Plane: Photo by Troy Mortier on Unsplash

Cheesecake: Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

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