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5 reasons you may want to go back to school

Career-switchers: Members of the @Forbes Coaches Council share 14 situations to consider getting training or formal credentials to help with a smoother transition into a new career, and why.

I’ve tried to summarise below just five of the situations shared and added some of my own comments.

1. You want to enhance your market value

Getting the right credential is worth considering if it makes you more competitive and offers skills you enjoy that enhance your market value.

2. You are making an Industry shift

If you are considering making an industry shift, one of the Council members suggested that his clients pursue an MBA to be able to ‘diversify their industries and functions successfully’.

(An additional note from me: If you’re a Singaporean or PR of Singapore, you may want to consider exploring WSG’s Career Conversion Programmes (CCP) for Individuals or SkillsFuture Singapore’s SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme. Links in comments section.)

3. You are changing both role And industry

If you are changing your role and your industry, it may require you to get fresh training. (An example from me would be moving from a marketing communications role to a career coach role which requires reskilling with coaching skills and perhaps even knowledge in psychology, neuroscience and career facilitation skills. By the way, this is what I did. In addition to the getting the ICF accreditation.)

4. The field requires special certifications or degrees

If you’re looking to shift careers, find out from job portals or industry experts the certifications and educational qualifications to help you make an informed decision on which educational programme you should pursue. (This is what I advise my clients too.)

5. You need working knowledge of new disciplines

If you’re keen to have a working knowledge of new disciplines like AI, data science, machine learning and software development.

(Additional note from me: Learn about some of these technology and skills and you may be surprised how they can help you with your work and perhaps even keep your job. I just spoke with a client who was keen on exploring ‘Designing Automation Technology for Warehouse and Transportation Operations’ to enhance his prospect of returning to the workforce; leveraging on his years of experience in the supply chain area and adding on knowledge and skills in a new area.)

If you’re a subscriber of Forbes and would like to read the full article, here’s the link: |

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