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Coping with Uncertainty: Deal with Your Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

"So, don’t just wait for this ordeal to be over. Don’t be resigned to your misery while we wait for a vaccine. What have you always wanted to do? What outcome are you hoping for? How can you make a real life in this? Live that life." Christine Carter, Ph.D., Senior Fellow at the Greater Good Science Center.

One of the seven ways mentioned in this article - Seven Ways to Cope with Uncertainty - was 'Don’t believe everything you think'.

Limiting beliefs or thoughts can almost strangulate our dreams, hopes and destiny. Probably especially so during uncertain times. Our biases and limiting beliefs like tunnel vision or "I'm not good enough" can derail us from our pathway to a positive life and career.

Consider talking to a friend, coach, counsellor to sort your thoughts out. We can all do with a little coaching. :)

Read the article Seven Ways to Cope with Uncertainty here.

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