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Ways to motivate yourself to reach your goals

You can accomplish anything you want before the year-end using some personality-based ways to motivate you for reaching your goals…

…according to PeopleKeys, Inc.

Here are a few secrets they shared on how:

🦁 The Dominant Personality: If you’re a D Personality Style

⚪ challenge yourself to reach a milestone

⚪ challenge others to see who can do it first

📌 Tips:

〰 break your goal down into smaller steps

〰 look at the actual steps it will take to get you there!

🦋 The Influential Personality Style: If you’re an I Personality Style

⚪ find a group of people who would like to strive toward a similar goal and hold each other accountable

📌 Tips:

〰 choose one or two goals and share them with a friend to be sure they are realistic

〰 set daily and weekly priorities

🕊 The Steady Personality Style: If you’re an S Personality Style

⚪ find a friend that has a similar goal and work in concert with them to reach your goal

📌 Tips:

〰 make sure you set attainable goals

〰 make sure you set the exact procedures and steps to reach them

🦉 The Compliant Personality Style: If you’re the C Personality Style

⚪ devise a very organised system for reaching your goal

📌 Tip:

〰 think about your end goal daily by placing your goal/s on your mirror or repeat it to yourself as you go about your day.

Don’t know your personality type yet? Check out the assessment available by Lifeskills-Institute at - look for The DISC Personality System and download the sample report to help you decide if this will be useful for you.

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