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Managing workplace relationships

Newly promoted team managers: how do you successfully manage changing workplace relationships?

Forbes Coaches Council offer some strategies to help you. I've highlighted and summed up a few strategies below:

1️⃣ Schedule One-On-One Meetings

Acknowledge the change and schedule one-on-one meetings, listening to any concerns the teams may have about the change. Learn more about your team members. Understand what drives and motivates them to succeed in their current role along with their aspirations for the future.

2️⃣ Articulate Your Values

Articulate you values, expectations, non-negotiables and what the team can expect from them.

3️⃣ Communicate Openly And Be Approachable

Communicate openly and transparently, be approachable, show appreciation, set clear goals and expectations, foster collaboration and be open to feedback.

4️⃣ Set Healthy Boundaries And Realistic Goals

Establishing your a sense of your own personal limitations and abilities so you don't become overwhelmed with stress which can affect your interactions with others.

5️⃣ Remember That Success Is Not About You

Success is not about you - it’s about how you motivate and connect with others. Understand the landscape, build relationships, get clear on expectations and create early wins with both people and the business.

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