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Overcoming The Imposter Syndrome

WOW! I've read several #ourimposterstories posts and realised I AM SO NOT ALONE!

No matter how many times and how many people tell me I've done a good job, I just don't think I've done that good a job and feel that it's just a nice thing for people to say after a major project or a good coaching/training session. Self-doubt has been with me for a VERY LONG TIME!

👀 So where is this Imposter Syndrome coming from?


👀 How can you find out if you have any, some or all of them?

👀 Can they be overcome?

In her article on, Amal Saymeh Essader writes about Imposter Syndrome and how we can overcome them. Something that’s helpful for ALL of us.

She includes links to help us 'understand our voice' through a #free online assessment tool and offers 10 tips on how to deal with our Imposter Syndrome.

For those who know me, you know that ONE of my Imposter Syndromes, amongst many, is 'The Natural Genius - thriving on being so quick and slick in getting things done.' According to the article, the underlying emotion for this syndrome is 'shame of failing'. 🥺

Find out yours through the article, check out the online assessment tool to understand your voice but most importantly LEARN HOW TO OVERCOME THEM through the 10 tips.

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