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THINK: An acronym to spin you out of the negative cycle.

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


Have you had negative thoughts about yourself or of something that had happened to you? And it rewinds like a broken recorder and plays all over again in your head?


Have you had negative thoughts of others that were affecting you, your mood and your performance at work or home (especially in WFH situations)?


Give this acronym a try to help you spin out of the negative cycle and into a more constructive cycle:

Is this thought TRUE?

Is this thought HELPFUL?

Is this thought IMPORTANT?

Is this thought NECESSARY?

Is this thought KIND?

And when we say kind…ask yourself…is this thought both kind to others and yourself…


If you find the acronym helpful and want to find more strategies to help yourself, hop on to the app Intellect: Create a Better You.

Be kind on yourself. Get cozy and get started on this free resource for your own mental well-being.

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