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Chemical Engineer Turned Cake Maker

“But their cakes were so well-received by their friends that Aaron and Elaine decided to sell them to customers.” ~ Yip Jieying, 8 Days

It seems as though what started out as an interest turned into a business as the job market changed, perhaps adapting to family life changes and maybe embracing one’s #values and utilising one’s #motivated_skills.

“My business is running in an ever-ready mode. I’ve an engineering mind, so I have been focusing on how to improve things.” ~ Aaron Lee.

It is hard work but he does put aside time for family everyday too. Wonder what his 2 primary drivers are - inner awareness / spiritual, social, power, economic, artistic or knowledge?

Read more about this inspiring story published in 2020 on 8 Days. has since added Chocolate Chip Mint Cake to their menu. And the MSW Durian Chocolate Cake looks fab. My birthday is coming...hint...hint...

Chocolate cake image by 俊哉 佐伯 from Pixabay

Im_possible image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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