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What's your dream job?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

During my conversations with professionals from various walks of life including engineering, project management, HR etc. I sometimes those who share they would like to make a switch to a career that is unlike their current career.

What motivated them was their passion to help people, do work that is related to just or artistic causes or reach out to a different target market like the youth.

Career changes are not easy, but also not impossible.

When exploring their personality profile, values, motivated skills and behavioural attitude index, they put together a career matrix on possibilities. Then we explore more questions that are related to the areas above.

It’s exciting and enriching to see them set forth on a new journey to live out their dream.

This article published in Forbes , though from several years ago, does talk about some considerations you may like to take when considering a mid-career switch. Talking to a career coach to walk you through a process would also help.




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