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Identifying and mitigating burnout risks

Team managers: are you able to identify and mitigate burnout risks?

Intellect article by Melissa Chua's identifies some signs managers can look out for to prevent their team members from reaching breaking point: ⚠️ Drop in work quality ⚠️ Increased absenteeism ⚠️ Reduced enthusiasm or involvement in team activities

⚠️ Subtle non-compliance with rules ⚠️ Higher sensitivity to feedback ⚠️ Openly negative or cynical behaviour The article also shares how coaching can help prevent burnout too. Melissa shares these under three headings where I was quoted on one of them - Focus on their strengths. The other two headers are 'Establish better boundaries' and 'Connect work with purpose'. Full article here. #gearingupfordestiny #stressmanagement #stressreduction #stressedout #stressbuster #stressmanagementtips #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalwellbeing

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