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Gratitude Journaling

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

It's #Thanksgiving Day in the US. Traditionally, this is the day each member of the family takes turns to give thanks for something that happened in the year.

2020 is different, way different from other years. What can we be grateful for?

This article by Courtney E Ackerman on suggests that keeping a Gratitude Journal would help us get through some of our tough times.

It lists some ideas by various people on what you can be grateful for, especially on those days when you just feel like there is nothing you can write.

Some suggestions include:

1. Write about a person in your life that you’re especially grateful for and why.

2. What skills or abilities are you thankful to have?

3. What foods or meals are you most thankful for?

The article includes 5 templates for Gratitude Journals you can download and use as well as 5 suggestions of Gratitude Journal apps you can try, only 1 is Android friendly though.

If you'd like access to learn more on how Gratitude Journaling can help you, read this article from Positive Psychology. If you already have a Gratitude Journal, leave a comment on how it has helped you.

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