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How to Stay Emotionally Healthy

We all know 2020 has been very challenging. I’ve had my fair share of challenging years.

One of the statements I would hear from an older and wiser friend who had also experienced many hard years was ‘this too would pass’ - a phrase I found very hard to swallow but somehow I held on to it to help me get through the challenges.

Question is, how do you get through the challenges?

I found keeping yourself spiritually strong, hanging out with people who build you up and keeping yourself emotionally healthy helps.

Here’s a piece by Guy Winch ( on how to be emotionally healthy.

I extracted the gist of it for you here:

1. Gain Control After a Failure.

…make a list of the many factors related to your goal that were in your control, then, consider how you might go about improving each of these factors.

2. Find Meaning in Loss and Trauma.

Adopt the habit of searching for ways to recognise not just what you've lost, but what you’ve gained as well…

3. Disrupt the Urge to Brood and Ruminate.

Adopt the habit of disrupting the brooding cycle…the best way to do this is to distract yourself with a task that requires concentration.

4. Nurture Your Self-Esteem

The best way to heal damaged self-esteem is to practice self-compassion.

5. Revive Your Self-Worth After a Rejection.

The best way to ease emotional pain and revive your self-worth after a rejection is to adopt the habit of affirming aspects of yourself you value, qualities you possess that you find meaningful

6. Combat Loneliness by Identifying Self-Defeating Behaviors.

Make a list of excuses you’ve used to avoid taking the initiative in social situations…now make a list of people whose company you’ve enjoyed in the past and reach out to one or two each day…

7. Shed Excessive Guilt by Repairing Damaged Relationships.

For the other person to truly forgive you, adopt the habit of conveying effective apologies when you've done wrong.


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