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Exploring Essential Skills for Tomorrow's Economy

Curious about the skills needed for the future economy?

Let's dive into the latest insights!

🔺 Last month, LinkedIn shared the Top 10 High-Income Skills to Learn in 2024 to Make a Six-Figure Salary and 2024 Most In-Demand Skills: Learn the Skills Companies Need Most.

Interestingly, while there were no commonalities between the two lists, Forbes' ‘The 10 Most In-Demand Skills In 2024’ highlighted some overlaps with the latter.

🔺 According to the Skills Demand for the Future Economy 2023/24 report by SkillsFuture Singapore, skills in Business Management, Data Management, and Production Management are in high demand in Singapore. To help you make informed decisions on how you can use your SkillsFuture Credits, consider how these skills align with your profession and personal growth goals.

🔺 For your reference, I've compiled the lists from LinkedIn and Forbes articles, along with the link to the Skills Demand for the Future Economy 2023/24 report. To explore further, register for a virtual consultation with one of us on the Skills and Training Advisory team.

🔖 Check out the links below:

🔗 Top 10 High-Income Skills:

🔗 LinkedIn 2024 Most In-Demand Skills:

🔗 The 10 Most In-Demand Skills In 2024:

🔗 Skills Demand for the Future Economy 2023/24 report:

🔗 SkillsFuture Level-Up Programme:

🔗 Article in Straits Times: 

🔗 Skills and Training Advisory services:

Top 10 High-Income Skills:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2. Cybersecurity

3. Cloud Computing

4. Data Science and Big Data Analytics

5. Blockchain Technology

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

7. Quantum Computing

8. UI/UX Design

9. Digital Marketing

10. Project Management

LinkedIn 2024 Most In-Demand Skills:

1. Communication

2. Customer service 

3. Leadership 

4. Project management 

5. Management 

6. Analytics

7. Teamwork

8. Sales 

9. Problem-solving 

10. Research 

The 10 Most In-Demand Skills In 2024:

1. Generative AI

2. Sustainability Skills

3. Project Management

4. Communication Skills

5. Clinical Healthcare Skills

6. Data Skills

7. Interpersonal Networking

8. Cloud Computing Skills

9. Machine Learning Engineering

10. Cybersecurity Skills

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