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Stress Management Tips

Public speaking can be stressful for all of us but for some of us it is more stressful.

For some of us, a loss of control can be stressful but for others not.

Some of us are not stressed when taking orders from another but some of us are.

In an article by PeopleKeys, there are a few tips they share on how you can respond to stress to reduce its negative impact based on your DISC personality:

  • D personalities : step back, slow down, and reevaluate priorities. Think about the big picture before responding.

  • I personalities : focus on the problem, assume responsibility, and be accountable for a solution.

  • S personalities : move faster, share your feelings and thoughts, and make decisions quicker. Resist the urge to simply avoid conflict.

  • C personalities : use available data to make decisions, use positive self-talk, and resist the urge to drag your feet and nitpick to avoid being wrong.

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