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The hustle culture: can it hurt your career?

Feel like you're part of the hustle culture? Have you considered how the hustle culture may hurt your career? In an article by Katrina Balmaceda published on Intellect (YC S21)'s website (Hustle Culture: Are individuals or companies responsible for preventing burnout?), she wrote:

"Hard work has been ingrained into the Singaporean work culture for years. A study of APAC countries in 2022 revealed that people in Singapore worked the most hours per week—even more than those in China and Hong Kong.

Interestingly, many professionals don’t consider working long hours a bad thing. Even though several studies report a high rate of burnout among Singaporeans, Milieu Insight’s study found that job satisfaction is higher among professionals who work more than 60 hours a week (44%), higher than their counterparts who work >50 to 55 hours (40%) or >55 to 60 hours (39%) a week. This begs the question—does hustle culture deserve the bad reputation it has earned?" William Arruda, Senior Contributor at Forbes shares how the hustle culture may hurt your career: 🔻 Hustle culture positions your output as your worth. "What’s wrong with living by your professional to-dos? It’s a surefire way to lose sight of what really matters. Value can’t be measured purely in quantities, especially if you’re a knowledge worker." 🔻 Hustle culture sets unrealistic expectations. "Often, we read about inspirational stories of leaders who defied the odds and challenged the status quo. Here’s the issue, though: We can get wrapped up in thinking that the only way to echo their success is by doing what they did—fourfold." 🔻 Hustle culture spreads you thin. "If you feel like you’re not really working if your heart isn’t beating rapidly, you’re probably spreading yourself too thin. And we all know what happens when we put our trust in thin ice." And he offers some advise like saying 'no' and 'delegating' too. 🤔 Maybe the question is are we willing to say 'no' and 'delegate'? 🤔 What difference would it make if we do say 'no' and 'delegate'? 🤔 And what difference would that make? Full article is here. #gearingupfordestiny #stressmanagement #stressedout #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalwellbeing #wellnesswednesday


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