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Managing your stress levels

Stressed-out professionals: trying to figure out how to manage your stress levels? Forbes Councils Member, Brian Tait, wrote an article on managing stress levels. Here's a summary:

  • Stress is unavoidable

  • Even though not possible to eliminate, there are some effective techniques to manage it

  • Get to the root of the stressor and learn how to manage the stress.

Possible roots of stress:

  • decision-making

  • a presentation

  • the death of someone

  • any health problem

Effects of stress:

  • lack of sleep

  • irritation

  • constant agitation

  • health problems

  • alters mental state of mind

  • hinders power to think with clarity

  • hinders ability to work well

  • hinders ability to live in the moment

Ways to manage stress

  • change your mindset toward a certain thing that's affecting your state of mind

  • try to change the situation

In order to develop effective stress management techniques, you should pay heed to these subcomponents.

1. Flexibility

  • try to fight the stress consciously by being flexible

  • being flexible means learning to adapt to the situation by considering different outcomes and using the information at hand in your favour

  • embracing flexibility grows your capacity to adapt and get rid of certain patterns

Ways to allow flexibility in your life:

  • Adapt to change instead of running away from it

  • Adapt to a new mentality

  • Push yourself to new areas and opportunities

  • Never shy away from asking for help

  • Adapt yourself in reinterpreting unpredictable situations

  • Deconstruct previously held notions and escapist methods

2. Stress Tolerance

  • when you learn to build a tolerance to the amount of stress you can take, you end up learning how to cope in a stressful situation

A few techniques for building a tolerance for stress:

  • learn to find a middle ground when something overwhelms or stresses you out

  • constantly remind yourself why you started a particular thing

  • give yourself breaks between busy schedules

  • adopt healthy habits, such as running, meditation, etc.

3. Optimism

When you believe in your own abilities, you can develop a greater tendency for managing stress and taking risks

Read the full article for the details.

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