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4 ways to manage stress during holidays

Stressed out about this holiday season?

Ernie Clifton, PeopleKeys Inc, shares 4 ways to manage stress during holidays. Here are my inputs:

1. Set a spending limit: We usually say we should spend within our means. How about considering spending below your means? Also, how about figuring out what your loved ones love language is and deliver accordingly? Look up Dr. Gary Chapman’s audio or print book ‘The Five Love Languages’ to help you. More info here.

2. Set boundaries in relationships: In a Dr Henry Cloud blog, he reminds us that we are not responsible for the way others choose to feel and that “we can’t determine how successfully we are living our lives by who is unhappy with us.” Read the blog here to learn more.

3. Get organized: A tough one for some of us. :) I read in a post that an Admiral William H McRaven said this to a cohort of graduating students in 2014 “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day.” Try it. Perhaps it will make a difference to the rest of your day!

4. Don’t let your diet get out of hand: Another tough one. Especially for those of us in Singapore! Perhaps spare a thought for your mood, mental clarity and self-control before you chow down yet another piece of log cake or reach out for yet another glass of alcohol.

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